Staff Calendar/Bulletin Request

ATTENTION: This page is an express form for MPBC Staff to make calendar/bulletin requests.

If you have come to this page by mistake, please visit   to fill out a calendar request.

Requestor Information

For example: "Finance Team Meeting", "Vacation Bible School", "SD Team Fundraising Table"

Calendar and Space Authorization Details

For Calendar/Event Requests & Space Authorizations
For multi-date event or calendar notification, please put start date
This is the time that will be publicly on the calendar. For Whole Day event use 12:00 am for beginning and end times, and make note "full day" in notes/comments.
If you need additional time for setup before the event, indicate that here.
If you need additional time for cleanup after the event, indicate that here.

Bulletin Request

Date for announcement to first run
Enter exactly what you want the announcement to say. Include information such as TIME, LOCATION, CONTACT PERSON/INFORMATION, etc.

Foyer Table Details

For Foyer Table requests

Table Details

Purpose of event, special needs, etc.


If you need a key, please arrange with the office to pick it up the week prior to your event by emailing or calling 526-0816. Keys may be picked up anytime the office is open (9 am–noon, 1-4:30 pm, Monday – Thursday), but advance notice is appreciated for all pickups, and required for afternoon pickups, to make sure we have the key and paperwork ready for you.


As noted at the top of the facility request form, as the activity is non-church related, (Birthday Party, Baby/Bridal Shower, Graduation Party, etc.) a fee will be charged to offset facility expense. The fee for members for any room is $25; the fees for non-members are tiered ($75 for classroom, $125 for chapel, $250 for CAC).


If you have requested AV capabilities, please note that we do not set this up. You will need to coordinate with Tristan Brink ( with your needs if you have not set up and run the equipment before.


As with AV/Media, we do not set up chairs, tables, etc. We did ask your needs to try to ensure we have not allocated those resources elsewhere in the church ministry at the time of your event, but you are responsible for setup and take down (return to original state) of the space for your event. Following your event, ensure trash (especially food trash) has been removed to the dumpster and the room has been reset. If you have questions, please contact the facilities manager (


Also as noted, there are certain limitations on activities at events. This includes (but is not limited to) limitations on tobacco and alcohol use, music selection, and dancing. If you have questions about elements of your planned event, please contact the office for more information.

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