The Disciple’s Path Institute

Our fall DPI classes are part of Midweek at the Mount.

The Disciple’s Path Institute Promo Video with Dr. Joey Anthony from Mount Pleasant Baptist Church on Vimeo.

CHRISTIAN LIVING 201: Living as a Church

The church is composed of sinful people, but we’re called to unified around one common good, the gospel of Jesus Christ. In Living as a Church, learners discover how to find unity in the gospel and how that gospel shapes our understanding of the local church.

Learners will personally explore questions like: “How can we be more diverse?” and “How do we disagree with one another?” as disciples who are faithful to the gospel. We hope this class will help give you a clearer picture of the church, the leadership within the church, the need for unity in the church, and the desire to live together as the church.

Led by Chris Guillory & TBD

Introduction to the Old Testament II

Know the character of God and meet Jesus in the Old Testament in this survey class that looks at the totality of the Old Testament, as well as an overview of each book individually. Intro to Old Testament II will look at the second half of the Old Testament, giving an overview of each book.

Learners will study the content of the back end of the Old Testament and connection them with a broad understanding of how each of book points to the gospel fulfilled in Jesus Christ.

Faithful disciples desire to know the Scriptures more fully, you’re get that opportunity in Intro to Old Testament II as you examine God’s grand story of redemption that began in the Old Testament and how it points to Jesus in the New Testament.

Led by Richard Keller & Neil Seward

GROWTH 301: Systematic Theology

How do you come to the conclusions of what you believe about God, man, creation, and other doctrines of the faith? Systematic Theology gives learners the opportunity to discuss some of the essential doctrines of the faith and how we go about finding them in Scripture.

Are you a new earth or old earth creationist? Do you believe in the sufficiency of the Scriptures? What is the process for salvation? What are the different views of end times? All these questions are asked consistently in the local church and Systematic Theology will hopefully give you the tools to answer them from Scripture and apply them to your life.

Led by Pastor Joe Mayes & Allen Thompson

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