The Disciple’s Path Institute

Spring classes will begin as part of Midweek at the Mount  January 10, 2024.

The Disciple’s Path Institute Promo Video with Dr. Joey Anthony from Mount Pleasant Baptist Church on Vimeo.

Christian Living 301: Rooted, Next Level Discipleship

Led by Pastor Joey Anthony and Blair Ballard

Rooted will take you to the next level in your discipleship journey. The 7 foundational rhythms in these lessons (daily devotion, prayer, repentance, sacrificial generosity, serve the community, share the story, and worship) will allow you to have a deeper understanding of your need of Jesus. Consider joining us as we connect with God, the church, and our purpose. (Book cost $15)

The Power of the Gospel: A Study of Romans Part 2

Led by Chris Guillory and Pastor Brian Howerton

In this verse-by-verse study of the 2nd half of the Book of Romans, JD Greear walks through the first half of Paul’s letter to the church of Rome, discovering the timeless truths of the power of the gospel. This will help your faith grow in the Lord and his power, strength, and forgiveness. This video driven series will be 12 weeks as it discusses the timeless relevance of God’s grace poured out into our lives.

Jeremiah: Prophet of Judgement, Repentance and Hope

Led by Neil Seward

As we walk through the first portion of Jeremiah, we will study and learn practical principles of how God reveals himself through judgment, His wayward people, His gracious call to repentance, and promise of a hope in the future. This will give you a heart for understanding the Old Testament and how God uses all different measures to show His glory to the world.

Biblical Stewardship and Finances

Led by Richard Keller

Have you ever wondered what the Bible says about stewardship and finances? Are there biblical expectations for how my family and I spend our finances? Join Richard Keller as he applies God’s word for wisdom, discernment, and our biblical responsibility when it comes to our pocketbook. Richard will also give you ways to make the most of what the Lord has given you so that you can bring glory to God through your finances.

ESL Classes

We’re excited to introduce our new ESL (English as a Second Language) classes, available as part of the Disciples Path Institute. We aim to offer courses for a variety of language learners, from beginner to advanced. Registration is required. Please go to to sign up. 


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