Bible Fellowships

“And daily in the temple, and in every house, they did not cease teaching and preaching Jesus as the Christ.” Acts 5:42

Small group Bible study and fellowship is critical to your spiritual growth. Because of our commitment to this end, we have an extensive program of Bible Fellowship and discipleship classes.

Explore and become comfortable in one. See how God transforms your life! We believe the support of your small group will truly enhance your walk with the Lord, your relationship with your family, and the world around you.


Class Listings

Classes for all ages are available at 8:15, 9:30 and 11:00 every Sunday morning.

8:15 Co-Ed Classes
Class Room Avg. Age Leader
BBN 203 45-60 Miller
Hodges I 138 60-75 Brockelman
9:30 Co-Ed Classes
Class Room Avg. Age Leader
The Journey Choir Room 25-40 Riggs
Servant’s Heart 138 35-45 Coon
Christian Essentials 1010-1012 30-45 Nies-Bergers
The Word 1001 40-55 Lee
Young Adults 223 18-25 McMillen, Barklow
You & Me Forever (Newly married/engaged) 1003 Bush
Class Room Avg. Age Leader
9:30 Women’s Classes
F.R.U.I.T 1019 All Dohl
11:00 Co-Ed Classes
Class Room Avg. Age Leader
Loving Right 2013 35-50 Wright, Williams
Growing in Him 1001 45-60 Lastovica
Generations 1010 50-65 Wesner
Living for Christ 201 55-70 Hasty, Rank
Hodges II 138 60-75 Brockelman
Grace & Mercy 1019 30-55 Booths
11:00 Women’s Classes
Class Room Avg. Age Leader
Elect Ladies 1019 60-75 McBryde, Shauger
Golden Adventures 1003 65-80 Brockelman, Bell, Walker
The Ready Group 211 All Hale
11:00 Men’s Classes
Class Room Avg. Age Leader
Mel Jones 1019 60-75 Toth
John Miles 1015 70+ Ponder


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