Walk Through Scripture


Week of February 19-25

Bible Reading

This week we will continue with Act 2, Scene 3. As you read this week, watch for an emphasis on the holiness of God and for ways holiness shapes the behavior of God’s people toward him and toward one another. Meditate this week on the need for holiness in keeping covenant with God. First Peter 1:15 says, “As the one who called you is holy, you are also to be holy in all your conduct.” Think about our need for holiness and appropriate patterns of holiness as God’s people today. We do not keep all of the same laws the Israelites were commanded to keep in Leviticus and Numbers, but our attention to holiness is to be just as vigilant. How do we pursue holiness today?1

Monday: Leviticus 11-14

Tuesday: Leviticus 15-18

Wednesday: Leviticus 19-22

Thursday: Leviticus 23-25

Friday: Leviticus 26-27, Numbers 1-2

Saturday: Numbers 3-5

Sunday: No Reading Plan Content Today – Come to Church!

1. Excerpt from Dr. George H. Guthrie, Day by Day Chronological Bible, pg 27


This year, we’d like to cover every street in Colonial Heights in prayer. Each week, we’ll feature a selection of streets from our community. We encourage you to lift these streets up, whether through prayerwalking, driving through, or simply keeping them in your prayers.

Featured streets:

  • Whitestone Pl
  • Whitestone Ct
  • Pinecliffe Dr
  • Eastwind Ct
  • Taylor Ln
  • Berkshire Ln
  • Avon Ct

If you would like a printable copy Click Here.

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