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You do not have to be a member of MPBC to be married here but the marriage must be dedicated to and honoring to the Lord Jesus Christ.  We are not a wedding chapel that simply rents its facilities to be used. We are a church of Jesus Christ and want to honor Him in all we do—even weddings. Therefore, there are certain prerequisites we feel must be met in order for your wedding to be held at MPBC. Please review the wedding guide and then contact the church office at 804-526-0816.

Deaf Ministry

Scripture is not quoted in English but instead translated into ASL (America Sign Language) so the Deaf can understand the scripture and know the story in their “heart language”. Then the deaf can go out and share the same story to others. For more information please contact

Sign Language is available in our 11:00 service.


Our pastors are always available for counseling and you may schedule an appointment with them at 804-526-0816.  For those times when a licensed professional is needed, we offer another option in Footsteps Counseling Center.

footsteps-logoFootsteps is a faith-based organization that’s mission is to help people experience life more fully by providing compassionate Christian counseling services to all who seek them.

If you decide that we could be of service to you, you’ll find a credentialed, professional staff committed to helping you experience healing, repair your relationships, strengthen your family, and live your life to its fullest… applying Christian principles to life’s difficult challenges. For more information about Footsteps, please call (804) 715-3215.


In times of loss, sometimes the decisions can become daunting. If we can help by providing a Pastor or facilities for a memorial service; please call the church office at 804-919-2734 and we will try our best to accommodate your family.

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