Global Impact Offering (GIO)

What’s the Global Impact Offering?

Give more by giving systematically

Here at Mount Pleasant we Give, Pray & Go with missional purpose – to meet  people where they are and point them to Jesus.

Because missions is so important to us, we offer a way for individuals and families to give more by giving systematically with our Global Impact Offering – the MPBC GIO. This takes regular giving of smaller amounts – above and beyond tithing – that quickly add up to a truly global impact.

GIO Breakdown

So what happens when you give to GIO? Every week, GIO offerings are split into four categories – local, state, national and international. Here’s what that looks like:

  • 50% becomes part of the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering in December, supporting international missions through the IMB
  • 25% goes to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering in the Spring that supports North American missions through NAMB
  • 5% is set aside for Vision Virginia, funding state missions through our state convention, the SBCV
  • 20% goes into local Mount Pleasant Missions fund, for local projects, outreach, and discretionary missions funding

GIO offerings go directly to missionaries and mission efforts (no administrative costs).

Family Examples

Here’s an example of what the difference systematic GIO giving can make in two average households:

Two families, the Andersons and the Browns, both families love the Lord and love missions, so both want to give to missions.

The Anderson family gives a $100 in December to Lottie Moon/International Missions, $100 around Easter to Annie Armstrong/North American Missions, and $100 in September to Vision Virginia for state missions. It’s a squeeze those months, but worth it.

The Brown family gives $50 a month to the GIO. It’s just a little over ten dollars a week, so it works into their budget.

At the end of the year the Andersons have given $300 to missions beyond their tithe. And that’s great!

The Brown family was able to give $600 – that means $300 for international missions, $150 for North American missions, $30 to state missions and $120 to local and discretionary missions.

Now imagine a church full of Brown families – working together to spread the gospel.

More Than Systematic Giving; Deliberate Partnering

Because this is about much more than money. It is our hope that this way to GIVE regularly monetarily, will also prompt regular reminders to PRAY and lead to opportunities to GO. And that’s what a  true partnership with the spread of the gospel can look like, meeting people where they are – in our community, state, nation and around the world, and as we GIVE, PRAY and GO – and pointing them to Jesus.

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