Praying with Kids

Shelly and I have talked at length about some of the challenges,lessons, and ideas God has laid on our hearts since our time at the Prayer Summit with Richard Blackaby and Claude King.  One thing God clearly child_prayer3_679979819impressed on our hearts was the conviction that we need to be more diligent/consistent in praying with our children.

Shelly had the idea of daily prayer emphases, so we’ve started doing that with our kids as part of our bedtime routine.  As an idea generator, I thought I’d share the categories we’re using each day of the week.  It’s just an idea, so feel free to take and make it your own.  The point isn’t our methodology (or any methodology for that matter) but to continue growing as spiritual leaders in our family in all areas – including prayer.

MondayMissionaries (We pray for those sent from our church and with missionary cards we’ve received from both the IMB and NAMB).

TuesdayTeachers (The kids pick a teacher from school or church and we pray for them by name).

WednesdayWisdom (We pray for wisdom in decisions we/they are making).

Thursday Teaching (We pray about something God has/is teaching us that week).

FridayForgiveness, Faith, Future (Depending on what we’ve been discussing we pray for forgiveness for our sins and that God would help us forgive others…like siblings they’ve fought with like cats and dogs earlier in the week.  Faith covers things we’re praying in faith and trusting God for.  Obviously future is for our kids/families future – spouse, college, career, etc.)

SaturdaySin (We’re reminding the kids about the importance of confession and cleansing.  Sometimes we use a cleansing guide that lists a Bible verse and has questions for reflection with the older two.  We also have a copy for them to have and keep as they grow up and head out on their own someday.  This is an area of spiritual growth that we want them to grow and mature in for the rest of their lives).

SundaySalvation (We’re praying for FRAN’s and FRANC’s in our lives – Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, Neighbors, and Co-workers/Classmates).

Again, this is A way, not THE way to pray with your kids.  Whatever your method, just remember, the power in prayer comes from the God to whom we’re praying, not the form we’re using to do it!

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