Jesus Creates…A Commonality (Part 1 of 2)

CommonalityThe world is much smaller then it used to be.  As air travel became more affordable in the 60’s, people had the ability to travel to new places that prior to that time was only something read about in magazines.  Now, 50 plus years later, you can travel to the other side of the country or even the world and experience cultures and people very different from ourselves.

No other book demonstrates this better then the book of Acts.  As you read through the book of Acts and begin looking at how the early church laid a foundation for the spread of the gospel all over the world you will see this theme of being set apart or different.  The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ sparked such massive changes in the religious systems in place at that time that followers of “the Way” (Acts 9:2) stood out like a sore thumb as a Christ initiated conversion of the heart led to some radical changes in the lives of early Christians.

In Acts 2:42-47 we see the fellowshipping of believers and specifically in verse 44 that “all who believed were together and had all things in common.”  Now this doesn’t mean that they lost their unique identity, or walked around in matching garb trying to clone each other; rather, they found a commonality in a Savior that chose to save them and change them and ignite in them a passion only found in the atonement of the cross.  In chapter 16, we see God use Paul to reach a rich upper class woman, a demon possessed slave girl, and a blue-collar soldier.  These three were from very different backgrounds and living very different lifestyles; but the Gospel message showed no partiality to status or upbringing as the Spirit of God wooed them to new life found only in Christ.

Now you might not have thought of this, but they ALWAYS had a commonality…


Sin is no respecter of status or upbringing.  We are born into this world bearing the imputed sin of Adam and we find commonality in separation from our Creator.  However, as we see in Acts, a new commonality is found as Followers of Christ.  We are bearers of a Gospel message that saves from death and brings us from lostness to life!  Only Jesus creates that kind of commonality.

Coming Soon, Part 2:  Jesus Creates Truth & Accountability.

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