God’s Goodness in Tragedy

images-1Dr. Albert Mohler shared an article this morning that speaks to a question that often comes to mind when we see natural disasters and tragedies.  These are different from terrorist attacks or the murderous rampages that are more and more common in America.  We often file rampages under the category of “human sinfulness,” but have a more difficult time coming to grips with God’s goodness as we see footage and images chronicling the loss of life, especially children, and destruction left in the wake of natural disasters like the Moore, OK tornado.

This morning our thoughts and prayers are with that community as they grieve, sift through rubble, and begin the process of rebuilding.  Pray especially for believers and churches ministering and serving in that region.  I’m thankful for Dr. Mohler’s insight this morning, and in particular the words of Charles Spurgeon that often run through my mind in times like this:  “When we cannot trace God’s hand, we must simply trust His heart.”

Join in my praying and offering any support/help we can for those impacted by this tragedy.

You can read Dr. Mohler’s blog here.


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