Trusting The Lord In Transition

This Sunday I have the privilege of bringing the Word to Mount Pleasant Baptist Church. Anytime I’m able to preach the gospel is a humongous privilege that I’m so undeserving of. Also, it’s a very joyful and nervous experience because of the weight that comes in presenting the gospel.

The most symbolic gifts for the occasion would be anything religious, such as wall crucifix, framed pictures of angels or saints, figurines of guardian angels or a lamb sculpture. Items with decorative and sacred purposes may be designed at the base, such as figurines, or embedded with meaningful verses, such as framed pictures of angels or saints. On the other hand, the wall crucifix or cross pendant, or the child’s first Bible, which are usually gold or silver, are engraved with the child’s name and other details of the baptism. These are all great ideas for godparents to give as christening gifts and you can find all religious gifts you want at Holyart.

This Sunday is a very unique situation, being the first Sunday without a Lead Pastor. I’ve been here in this situation before. It was about 6 ½ years ago. I had having the opportunity to preach the Sunday after Jon Beck left as Senior Pastor of Bethel Baptist Church in North Vernon, IN (where I was currently serving). During the time of transition, there’s always a lot of angst about the future. We do not know who the next guy to lead us is, or where the church will be going, but could it be that God allows us to experience that so we learn to trust Him more?


Proverbs 3:5 says “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understand …” That can be a very interesting verse to bring up during a time of transition, because we are known to lean on our carnal understanding and our own desires. All of God’s people must realize that we aren’t the ones that whoknow what’s best for the church, but rather God is. When you lean on your own understanding, it fails you and causes you often initially to make an irrational decision.


I’ve said often over the last several months to people at MPBC that the easiest thing to do during this time of transition is to leave. That probably would have been the easiest thing for me to do in ministry, to leave knowing that transition always brings about some uneasiness. Shouldn’t we be glad that Jesus didn’t always take the easy road out? Knowing that Jesus doesn’t ever leave or forsake us should construct our conversations about what He desires out of us (Heb 13:5). The bottom line is that you can find churches that aren’t without pastors, churches with bigger budgets, churches with more ministries, churches with fewer problems, but could it be that God brought you to Mount Pleasant not to run away but to trust in the Lord with all your heart. Part of that trusting, is trusting that God knows what He’s doing at Mount Pleasant and isn’t confused.


I’m urging you to join with me this Sunday at Mount Pleasant as we study God’s word together from 1 Corinthians 1. The message for this week is entitled A Church Divided Cannot Stand, and we will examine how we as a church can get back unified together. But it starts with all of us. It begins by trusting thatGod has a bigger plan to use all of us together for the glory of God His glory.


I’m also extremely thrilled that Brian Autry has agreed to lead us during this transition time at Mount Pleasant as our Interim Pastor. We hope you’re there December 14th to hear him share the gospel, but also join us this Sunday at Mount Pleasant to see God move.


Pastor Joe

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