Bible Math?

mathHow did you come up with that blog title?  John 3:30, “He must increase, but I must decrease.”

Those are the words spoken by John the Baptist when his disciples asked what he was going to do now that more people were starting to follow Jesus than him.  He simply acknowledged his role in life:  to point people to Jesus so they could follow Him (Jesus, not John).

That’s why John 3:30 is my favorite verse, and a regular prayer.  I want people to see more of Jesus and less of me each day.  In a world of “following,” (facebook, twitter, blogs) my desire isn’t to have a huge following, but to point people to Jesus so we can follow Him together.  My prayer is that this blog will help us do just that, follow Jesus more faithfully.

I preached a sermon with this blog title and reminded the congregation of these two simple truths about Jesus, “Jesus + Everything = Nothing,” whereas “Jesus + Nothing = Everything.”

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